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Housing Forms 

Marketing/Advertising Monthly Report
Purchase Comparison Sheet
Repayment Agreement
Reasonable Accommodation Form
Bed Bug Activity Log
Client Checklist for Controlling Bed Bugs in Residences
Incident Report Form
Protocol for Completing the Incident Report Form
Overnight Visitation Waiver
Contractor Inspection Log
Recertification Interview and Verification Record
HUD 91066 - Certification of Domestic Violence
Laundry Report
Vending Report
Annual Guidelines and Preventive Maintenance
Daily Maintenance Schedule
Housing Manager Daily Schedule
Monthly Guidelines
Fire Range Hood Sprinkler Inspection Guidelines

General Forms 

Blank Time Sheet
NDWG Participant Time Sheet
Certificate Test (for identifying issues with Time Sheet macros)
Expense Voucher
Requisitions Website
Staff 7
Office Supply Requisition
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form (fillable PDF)

Tax Withholding Forms

Federal W-4
West Virginia IT-104
Ohio IT-4
Kentucky K-4
Maryland MW507
Virginia VA-4